Nuggie Fresh Scented Candles -

Nuggie Fresh Candles

Nuggie Fresh Candles are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils which are completely plant based and entirely natural instead of fragrance oils which are comprised of a mixture of animal, plant, and synthetic blends.  When you burn candles with essential oils, you are getting the same great medicinal benefits that come from the plant.  This means depending on the mood you are looking to create, our candles will take you there.  This enjoyed alongside a nice joint or even alone will help you escape life's daily obstacles. 

Our candles use soy wax ONLY.  Did you know that paraffin wax releases carcinogens when burnt?  Paraffin which is a petroleum byproduct releases benzene and toluene  when burned.  Let's not even get into the paraffin wax blend that goes into some of the candles on the market.   We breathe enough pollutants walking around, there is no need to bring unnecessary harm into our homes as well.

Don't forget to get yourself a houseplant as well.  They help clean up your indoor air and they just make your space feel better.  Now grab a candle and light up (yes...the candle too)!