Nuggie Fresh Candle - Clarity

Nuggie Fresh Candle - Clarity

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White Spruce & Rosewood


Transport yourself with the comforting essential oils inspired by a peaceful walk in the forest. Ground your senses with the blends of white spruce and rosewood to let go of stress and mental clutter.   


Ingredients:  100% Pure Essential Oils of White Spruce & Rosewood, Non-GMO soy wax, and 100% cotton wick no lead


4 oz. Recyclable container

Burn Time:  30 hours

Hand Poured in USA


Essential Oil Benefits:


Rosewood relieves pain, heals wounds, works as an aphrodisiac and stress reliever.

White Spruce stimulating and fortifying the immune system.


Comes in a recyclable tin container perfect for upcycling into storage containers or any other use you may find.