Nuggie Fresh Multi-purpose Wipes


...ever been in one? 

  • That dabber that has built up resin that's tough to get off?  
  • Some wax just get on that counter?
  • Just can't quite get your hands clean? 

The list can go on, but in between our session we forgot a few.  If you can relate to these situations we've got you covered. Our wipes keep you fresh and clean on-the-go or at home.  Keep your hands, glass, & accessories NUGGIE FRESH, with one product.     


NUGGIE FRESH WIPES is a convenient, first-of-its-kind wipe tailored to you, the cannabis community. Our all natural non-alcohol wipes will help keep you fresh and at the same time your glass/accessories clean. NUGGIE FRESH WIPES allows you to stay medicated and not worry about interactions with family and others who may not partake.  Or if you just want to keep those priceless pieces looking like day one.

We all love the beautiful odor from the flower, sometimes we just can't take it with us! 


NUGGIE FRESH WIPES are convenient and easy to store anywhere that helps you stay on-the-go.

Keep a pack next to your dab station to clean your tools or in your car for those -on-the-go needs.


Bud-tenders, trimmers, smokers, lab technicians, & everyone in the cannabis industry, we made this with US in mind.